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🏈 New Athletic Equipment Sells $40,000+/month to NFL Teams & CrossFit Gyms

This new exercise product is loved by coaches, teams, and athletes, but was only being sold through word of mouth in the sports industry.

We launched e-commerce advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google to expand their visibility and get in front of their target markets—NFL & NCAA teams, CrossFit gyms, and strength & conditioning coaches.

Our advertising campaigns helped this company reach new audiences and retarget existing prospective customers, resulting in a number of sales, upwards of 6.28 ROAS (return on ad spend).

They also added over 4,000 new subscribers to their email list just in a couple months.

This product continues to grow at an accelerating rate as the ads continue to go viral, further increasing their exposure and visibility with the sports performance audiences.


facebook ad for buying athletic equipmentfacebook ad for buying athletic equipment
Google AdWords sales conversion report

Online fitness program Sells $58,000 in Memberships over Black Friday.

This online program for Moms—a medically recommended 12-week online exercise recovery program—uses social media advertising to educate mother's about their health & fitness.

The program is a one-time membership fee and includes an online course, exercise videos, tools, and an amazing private support community.

We help run a Black Friday campaign on Facebook & Instagram that reached 400,000 mothers and sold $58,000 at over a 4X ROAS!

They continues to sell hundreds of online memberships per month through our ongoing Facebook & Instagram ads.

instagram advertisement for online membership program
facebook business manager purchases reportfacebook business manager purchases report

πŸ“¦ Amazon Seller Launches Direct Sales, Hits Positive ROI in 14 Days.

This brand was exclusively selling on Amazon and losing large margins to the costs of that marketplace.

We helped them activate a direct-to-consumer sales channel using Facebook Ads to reach their target audience directly.

We leveraged existing reviews & testimonials from Amazon, along with product photos to craft engaging ads that drove sales.

Thanks to our audience research & campaign mapping, these brand new campaigns hit a positive ROI in under 2 weeks!

facebook carousel ad for Amazon seller
facebook ecommerce campaigns showing website purchases and ROAS

πŸ’» B2B Enterprise Platform Attracts 500+ Leads / Month

This enterprise sales software needed to attract qualified Sales Executives for their SaaS product.

Due to the high-ticket price tag, prospects often need multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. Therefore, we are running a lead generation campaign to attract interested prospects using webinar and lead magnet offers.

These leads are automatically added to follow-up campaigns in Infusionsoft and receive regular updates about the product and benefits that can help them.

Then, the sales team will reach out to the prospect directly, who is now familiar with the product's benefits and ready for a sales conversation.

We are attracting leads through LinkedIn and Facebook lead forms (yes—everyone is on FB, including B2B prospects!) and targeting the most qualified sales, software, and business interests.


linkedin lead form ad for client
facebook graph of leads and cost per lead (form)

πŸ–₯ Tech Startup Acquires 1,555 Users at $2.26 / Install

This software solution wanted to acquire more subscription customers for their browser extension.

We used Facebook Ads to target audiences based on their technology and browser choice, so that only qualified prospects were shown adsβ€”therefore zero impressions and zero ad spend was wasted.

We chose recognizable visuals to grab the prospect's attention and educate them on the benefits of the plug-in.

We acquired over 1,500 new users for the company at less than $2.26 per install!

facebook ad for tech startup
facebook ad for tech startup
facebook performance dashboard showing installs and cost per install

πŸ₯ Health Clinic Attracts 100+ New Patients/Month

This health clinic was expanding in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, and needing to get in front of people looking for their medical services. 

We helped these doctors attract 100's of new patients per month and help those patients sign-up for appointments online by using Google Ads to advertise to people searching for these services.

Our ads achieved a Click-through Rate (CTR) of 9.88% and Conversion Rate of 28.42% (how often people scheduled an appointment) — over triple the industry average!

Patients can schedule an appointment online. This clinic continues to grow both of their locations.

Google Search text ad for doctor's clinic
AdWords chart with clicks, CTR, Conv. Rate, and Conversions

πŸ“š National Non-Profit Reaches 1,000,000+ People

This organization wanted to reach the public at scale with important educational messages.

We used video in paid media placements on Facebook, Google Display Network, and YouTube to maximize their reach and exposure to this target audience.

They gained millions of views and thousands of new followers, who will continue to receive future updates and stay engaged with the organization.

Between Facebook, Google Display Network, and YouTube, we reached 1,000,000+ people who watched over 3,000 hours and gained another 10,000 followers.

NFID Facebook Ad for Likes
Performance graph of video views and cost per result of video viewsPerformance graph of video views and cost per result of video views