Our Process

How does your business attract new customers?

This is the proven process that we use to help businesses strategize & execute the most effective marketing campaigns that move the needle in terms of sales, e-commerce, lead generation, or user acquisition.

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1. Discovery & Strategy

The customer journey is the process that every new person goes through to become a customer.

This becomes your roadmap and marketing plan. It will help you see the big picture of your sales cycle and analyze the individual stages for opportunities.

Some businesses have a simple journey while others have a more complex one. If your having challenges in sales, it’s likely one of these stages is lacking. If you’re looking to scale your business to the next level, then improvements to each of these key areas can have multiplying effects together.



2. Digital Foundations

Once the key points in your customer’s journey is mapped out, then we’ll help revisit your existing online presence and marketing assets to ensure they are supporting that strategy.

That’s making sure you have your website or store configured correctly and that you have the tools and accounts you’ll need. We can help with analytics & conversion tracking so you have greater insight into your sales and what’s working. We can help ensure your SEO and social media are aligned to your topics and keywords.


3. Campaign Production

Next, we create marketing campaigns to help guide people along this customer journey.

This is done by selecting the channels (such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram), audiences, keywords, and producing ad copy and visuals.

We produce multiple variations and feature different selling points.


  • Audience Targeting
  • Keywords
  • Ad Copy & Creative
  • Landing Pages



4. Campaign Launch

Once designed, it’s time to load your campaigns into the platforms of choice.

We’ll help dive into the nitty gritty of building out campaigns. Understanding the nuances of each platform and algorithm are critical to maximize performance. Misconfigurations can roadblock any campaign.

We’ll help setup your account integrations, marketing automation, email sequences, and reporting. We’ll also test and verify that everything is running smoothly.


  • Account Setup
  • Build Advertising Funnel
  • Configure Marketing Automation
  • Go Live!

5. Optimization & Scale

As your campaigns run and interact with people they will collect data, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. From there, we’ll see which pieces are working and creating ROI, and which pieces are not.

We’ll help hone your campaigns to focus on the best performing audiences, offers, and selling points. These insights are also valuable to the business in understanding market preferences and for driving the next campaign iteration.

As ROI is proven, your campaigns will be positioned and ready to scale cost-effectively, if appropriate.


  • Monitor Performance
  • A/B, Split Testing
  • Insights & Reporting
  • Scale Cost-Effectively



6. Iteration

Marketing is an agile process. People, current events, and competition are always changing therefore your campaigns should continue to evolve and adapt over time.

Future iterations will build on past performance and insights, and may include new offers, new angles, new audiences.

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