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Advertising That Drives Action

Identify your most effective messaging & offer that drives customer action. We craft, test, and scale your ad campaigns cost-effectively… hitting 3-4x ROAS and higher on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords.

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Get Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

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Who are your highest value customers? Where does your customer journey need the most attention?

We’ll track and monitor all aspects of your funnel, and compare with benchmarks, so you can see what’s most effective. Rapidly and continuously test your audiences, messages, and offers to zero in on the most engaging creative, copy, and interests.

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Where do your customers hang out, what do they read, and who do they follow?  We help you identify the hottest channels, interests, and behaviors. Then we help create awesome educational content to attract customers and build lasting relationships.

We Can Help…

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Technology & Software Companies

Acquire new users and customers to scale your technology product or service. Stay cutting edge in your sales & marketing with the newest advertising technology.

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Professional & B2B Services

Generate more leads & appointments for your sales team. B2B campaigns are different than consumer ads — in targeting, messaging, and customer journey.

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E-Commerce & Retail

Hone effective sales funnels walk prospects through the customer journey… and into your store. Nail your product-market fit through rapid testing and laser target individual buyers with dynamic ads.

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Lead Generation & User Acquisition

Reach prospective audiences at scale to create awareness in your market. Engage and excite them with strategic content and then convert them into a lead or new user using a lead magnet.

  • B2B Companies

  • Business Services

  • Courses & Coaching

  • Software Products

  • Professional Services

  • SaaS Platforms

  • Enterprise Services

  • E-Commerce Stores

  • Growth Startups

Your Marketing Partner

Modern Media is a full service advertising agency specializing in Facebook Ads and online sales funnels.

Their work has been featured in Growth Hackers, The Startup, and Texas CPG. The Modern Media team has managed over $5,000,000 in ad spend.

They are active in top professional & media organizations such as AAF, Ad2, Online Geniuses, and SXSW.

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